This is the time of year when acceptances, rejections and waitlisted notices from universities start coming in. Well we all know what an acceptance letter means, and we certainly know the feeling of those rejection letters. However, what do we do when we are told we are waitlisted ? Well first off you should be happy. Being waitlisted means that you fit the criteria the college is looking for but they just don’t have enough spots. So it is like being accepted but not having a place for you. Every year there are plenty of students that don’t attend schools they are accepted at, and this means that the “holes” are filled with the waitlisted students. Depending on the school your chances will vary but waitlisted means you’re good enough to attend. So what can you do to increase your chances?

First, accept your spot on the waitlist. As soon as you get the notification that you are waitlisted and you are sure you want to attend that university, accept the waitlist. This means you will be on their list and notified should an accepted student not attend. You will still need to pay a deposit to a school you were accepted at to make sure you have a spot in the fall but this gives you a chance to get into a school you might like or fit a bit better at.

Second, reach out to the college. Many students just fill in the waitlist form but you really should let the college or university know that you really want to attend. Be specific and bold in telling them that if given the chance you will attend. If you aren’t sure you probably shouldn’t fill out the waitlisted form. You are increasing the admission team’s work and taking a potential spot from someone else. So if you are waitlisted make sure you want to go and make sure the college knows this.

Third, if you have additional information or something that might increase your chances, share this with the admissions team. This just reinforces the fact that you really want to attend and shows them that you are continuing to improve and better yourself. Anything you think that makes your case stronger you can share after being waitlisted.

Lastly, be patient. It can be stressful but remember you already have other places to go. So again, don’t put yourself on a waitlist unless you really want to go to that school. The waitlist process can be long and drag on into the middle of June. You must know that it is a process. Contact the school and let them know you want to attend but don’t let the process stress you out. Have a backup plan and know and prepare for your other options. Treat the waitlist like it is a potential present that you will be thrilled but lucky to get. Don’t let the fact that you are on it cause you to miss other opportunities around you.

Being waitlisted causes all sorts of emotions in students. Just remember it means you meet the school’s qualifications, you have the tools needed to succeed there so that means you can succeed in other places as well. Don’t stress and worry about what might or might not happen. Just know that much is out of your control. You can only do what you can, which is sign up for the list, contact the school and show that you are sincerely interested, and give any additional information you might have. After that it is out of your hands. Stressing and worrying about it doesn't help your outcome and the school you attend doesn't define your future success.

Famous Alumni

Jerry Greenfield, Jerry is an american businessman and most famous at the “Jerry” in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Mr. Greenfield attended Oberlin College, a small liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio where he was a national merit scholar and following a Pre-Medical curriculum graduating in 1973. He later went on to Penn State where he learned through classes how to make ice cream which is good for us that love Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

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