• Find Student’s Passion & Interests
  • Develop a Unique Extracurricular Plan
  • Craft a 4-Year Academic Plan
  • Train Time-Management Skills
  • Understand What Demonstrated Interest Means?
  • Establish Summer Plans and Internship Goals
  • Create a Resume
  • Develop Personal Values
  • Establish a reason and purpose to study
  • Develop a SWOT Analysis
  • Understand How College Application Processes Work
  • Understand How To and Navigate Websites for College Research
  • Take Out Rankings
  • Career Profile Test
  • Creating a Campus Visit Plan
  • Creating a Summer Plan
  • Website Navigation and Research Skills
  • Comprehension of Different University Types
  • Complete Spreadsheet for 30 - 40 Colleges of Interest
  • Understand College Ranking Methodologies and Traps
  • Understand Different College Applications Types
  • Finalize a List of Colleges to Apply to
  • Take Standardized Tests
  • Show Demonstrated Interest
  • Begin Essay Coaching
  • Create college application
  • Finish personal statement
  • Filling out application profile
  • Financial aid application
  • Supplemental essays
  • College Acceptance Comparisons
  • Things to Expect in College
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