Our History

USA camp restarted after closer due COVID

Finally, July in America is back. We are bringing students back to Washington State for the experience of their lifetime. Creating better young men and women in the process.

First Taiwan Camp

Our first attempt to take our 6 decisions curriculum live in Taiwan. COVID was still an issue, but we were able to pull off a camp and impact local students in Taiwan.

COVID Effects business and drastically changed the way we work.

First summer we were not able to have camps. We quickly learn the ins and outs of using zoom and develop programs that can be taught and used online. Our college counseling moves to zoom and seems to work better.

100th student accepted into US university

From 1 to 100 - we never expected that our unique program would be so readily received.

Farm Camp Program For Elementary Students Launched.

Having served over 200 elementary school students, we have learned to take our character-building curriculum and make it relevant even to younger students. Understanding themselves and the work to bring the food to their tables. 

Wabash College Glee Club Trip To Taiwan.

50 young men experience the charm of Taiwan while singing for the Taiwanese almost daily. The accompanying pianist who’s been on 15 trips says this is the best trip she’s been on.

Walpole High School Immersion Program in Taiwan. Second trip.

Our first visitors from the USA to Taiwan are back. What an exhilarating experience for everyone involved. At least a few more students from Massachusetts have a concept and appreciation for Taiwan and its culture. I am sure we changed more than one student’s life.

First student accepted into Ivy League University - Cornell University

Our college counseling program has come full circle. We are helping students find the right fit and in this case a Beijing student fits Cornell perfectly.

First Program designed for Morrison Academy Kaohsiung ( Program now in its 8th year )

We take Morrison’s 7th grade class into Pingtung County and spend three full days with the Paiwan aboriginal tribe. Students learn that life can be different just an hour away from home. Best student observation - “ They don’t have as much as we do but seem way more happy.”

First Program designed for I-Shou International School

Working with Richard Haugh, we design a cool program that challenges I-Shou students to have GRIT and overcome both mental and physical challenges. We start with one grade and a few years later end up with the whole junior high school.

Walpole High School First Immersion Program in Taiwan

Working with the Mandarin program of Walpole High School, we developed our first trip for US High School students to Taiwan. Students learn about Chinese culture, experience homestays, and visit and work with the unique cultural sub-groups in Taiwan. After 12 days of cultural experiences, the students go back and begin planning the next trip for their underclassmen.

First Student Accepted Into College

The first student that felt they had no chance to go to college in America is accepted into a good university with more than 20,000 USD in aid annually. We start thinking about how to help more students.

First Camp in the United States

The beginning of something transformative. We start to learn from our campers and understand their pressure and needs. We begin to formulate programs to help students learn and understand themselves.

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