What our past parents are saying

Lionel and Lili G, Parents of Ethan Goh
Going into the college application process, our son Ethan was overwhelmed, having countless questions and wondering where to begin. Our experience…+ Read More
Lionel and Lili G,
From Singapore
Bonnie, Mother of Kennie Wang
Beyond Education helped my son Kennie Wang apply for his college in the United States. Mr. Stephenson was very helpful in guiding Kennie to find a…+ Read More
From Taiwan
Shirley, Mother of Sophia
My husband and I retained John and Beyond Education's services for college counseling for two of our daughters. At first we were somewhat tentative…+ Read More
From Taiwan
Sharon, Mother of Audrey
My daughter is a very introverted girl. When I told her about the camp, she was very excited but also very worried about whether she had enough…+ Read More
From Taiwan
May, Mother of Hannah and Joyce campers
I always apply to different kinds of summer camps for my children early in the year, including academic, fun, activity-based and overnight camps. I…+ Read More
From China
Maggie Wang, Mother of Jerry camper
My son Jerry is currently an 8th grade student at Concordia International School Shanghai. Last summer vacation, my son attended a summer camp called…+ Read More
Maggie Wang,
From China

Our students'
success stories

Kyle Jiang, 2016 & 2018 USA Camp Camper
 I've been to Camp Beyond twice and I'd go again. I love the freedom I felt at the camp. As a student in an international school in Shanghai it is…+ Read More
Kyle Jiang, 2016 & 2018 USA Camp Camper
Kyle Jiang,
From America
Lu Ning, 2019 USA Camp Camper
As a young international student who is always eager to experience other cultures and visit new countries, Camp Beyond allowed me to discover a side…+ Read More
Lu Ning (Macau) Camper
Lu Ning,
From Macau
Sean Fu, College Counseling Student
As a senior, I was very underprepared for the college application process. I had no idea what I was supposed to do and what things I had to prepare.…+ Read More
Sean College Counseling Student
Sean Fu,
From Taiwan
Kontee, College Counseling Student
When I first met John, I was a naïve high school student with no drive and direction. I was essentially going through life not taking initiative to…+ Read More
Kontee, (Thailand) College Counseling Student
From Thailand
Joanna, College Counseling Student
John is very responsible as a counselor and also very nice to be a friend. In my senior year of high school, I had only a very vague idea of what…+ Read More
Joanna, (China ) College Counseling Student
From China
Dylan Fang, 2018 & 2019 USA Camp Camper
I was part of both the Summer 2018 and 2019 USA camps. Camp Beyond was a place where I was able to (re)discover the great outdoors, especially the…+ Read More
Dylan Fang (America) Camper
Dylan Fang,
From America

What our teachers are saying

Wade West (Morrison Academy Kaohsiung) Experiential Learning Coordinator
Wade West (Morrison Academy Kaohsiung)
I am the Experiential Learning Coordinator at an international school in Taiwan. We have partnered with Beyond Education for several years to bring…+ Read More
Wade West, Experiential Learning Coordinator
Gordon Strick ( Walpole High School ) Social Studies & Foreign Languages Teacher
Gordon Strick (Walpole High School)
In 2014 & 2017 Walpole High School students travelled to Taiwan on a trip organized by Beyond Education CEO John Stephenson and by me, founder of…+ Read More
Gordon Strick, Social Studies & Foreign Languages Teacher
Richard Haugh ( I-Shou ) Former Teacher and off campus learning director
Richard Haugh ( I-Shou University )
Camp Beyond, for most all students who participated, will be a lifetime memory of their adolescent years with skills and knowledge that will help…+ Read More
Richard Haugh, Former Teacher and off campus learning director
Reed Spencer ( Professor of Music )
Reed Spencer (Wabash College)
The Wabash College Glee Club traveled to Taiwan with John Stephenson, whose team led us all around the country, performing in concerts, touring…+ Read More
Reed Spencer, Professor of Music
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