We encourage parents to bring their children and or drop them off at camp.
We can help them book nearby hotel rooms for a few days.
However, we do not allow them to stay or join camp activities.
The camp is designed to have students open up about themselves and their emotions and this is not possible when parents are preset.
Therefore we do not allow parents to stay with their children at the camps.

Camp Beyond LLC or Beyond Education Ltd.
Company can not and will not guarantee your child’s visa to the United States or Taiwan.
We will give you a copy of an acceptance letter and invitation to join the camp that can be used while apply for a visa.
However, the granting of the Visa is at the sole discretion of the embassy or minister of the country in which the camp or program takes place.

No, Camp Beyond LLC and Beyond Education Ltd.
Company do not make flight arrangements for campers.
Each camper is responsible for getting themselves to the pick up port of entry for each camp.
It is too time consuming and the travel requirements of each family are different so we do not make travel arrangements.
We also can not travel with students to and from the camp.
Parents can look to see if their air carrier has an unaccompanied minor program.
Many airlines do and you can pay approximately 150 USD to have your child accompanied throughout the flight by airline staff.

Yes, both Camp Beyond LLC and Beyond Education Ltd. Company carry both liability insurance and supplemental health insurance.
So you can rest assured that you have coverage.
We still encourage parents to purchase travel insurance for their children however, as this just adds a safety layer and also covers accidental loss of luggage or other items.

For the most part Camp Beyond LLC and Beyond Education Ltd.
Company programs do not allow electronics of any kind during regular camp hours.
However, we will give students approximately an hour each evening to contact their parents.
Parents are also welcome to call the camp during regular camp hours to speak to their child as well.
We also post pictures of the days activities on our Facebook page daily.

Camp Beyond LLC and Beyond Education Ltd.
Company have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying.
It is normal for students at this age to have disagreements and it is normal in life to have certain people around that you dislike.
However, during all our programs we expect and teach respect, from both staffs and campers.
All campers therefore must respect each and all staff will care for all students.
We will do our best to recognize and discipline those students that bully others.
If behavior does not change then the bullying students will be sent home without refund.

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