College Counseling

NO, we can not guarantee that your child will be accepted to the college or university of their choice. The college admissions process is complicated and each university has their own methods and processes for choosing students that change annually. We will not guarantee admissions and any agent that claims this is not telling you the whole truth. No agent can truly guarantee admissions into the school you want.

Yes, we will guarantee that your child will be accepted into a top 100 college or university if they maintain an accumulated GPA above 3.00, have an average to above average standardized test score, and show a proficiency in English with some extracurricular activities. There are 4,500 colleges and universities in the USA. So a school ranked within the top 225 is within the top 5% of universities and colleges. The Princeton Review ranks 388 schools that all offer undergraduate opportunities for students to go onto the top graduate schools in the world.

Yes & No, if a family is looking for financial aid from a college or university we can guarantee that if they apply to the schools we choose for them they will receive aid. We are confident that we can bring the cost of a USA undergraduate degree into the 30,000 USD / annum range for any student. However, if the student wants to pick or choose schools we can not guarantee any or the amount of aid received.

25 - the maximum number of students we will accept and work with in a year is 25. This is because we want to work closely with each student and like to meet with them at least twice a month. The quality of our program and mentorship to the students will change drastically if we try to take on more students. We also prefer to have no more than 5 to 6 students per grade level in the program at one time to ensure a focus each grade level needs.

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