Lu Ning (Macau) Camper

Lu Ning, 2019 USA Camp Camper

As a young international student who is always eager to experience other cultures and visit new countries, Camp Beyond allowed me to discover a side of Washington and Oregon State that I probably wouldn’t be able to as an ordinary tourist. The activities offered from cherry picking to whitewater rafting made for a thrilling and wholesome experience that satisfied my teen hankerings. Being able to sleep under a full sky of stars each night was a neat bonus, a welcomed change and well-needed rest from the busy, ever-awake city life! I also had a lot of fun chatting and partaking in team-building activities with my fellow campers, and was especially glad we fully related with each other as bilingual international students with similar experiences and going on a new, more unfamiliar adventure together. Camp Beyond was awesome!

Lu Ning,
From Macau
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