Joanna, (China ) College Counseling Student

Joanna, College Counseling Student

John is very responsible as a counselor and also very nice to be a friend. In my senior year of high school, I had only a very vague idea of what kind of college I wanted to go to. With no preference for majors, location or sports, I thought that choosing any academic outstanding college would work. However, John was really patient in making college lists with me. He encouraged me to also consider what kinds of experiences I want to have after four years of studying. Besides academics, there are many other aspects of colleges that will offer me completely different experiences. For example, the student body, as well as the administration, matter a lot in terms of creating an inclusive community where the first-year student can easily find where they feel comfortable. In addition, John suggested that I check with different programs or opportunities the college offers, and always reach out to the college to create a more comprehensive understanding. I had learned that my college offers study abroad programs even for international students, and felt lucky that I learned it before enrolling so that I could start planning on it earlier.

John also was really helpful during my application process. Instead of telling me what to do, he usually would like me to find out by myself using different resources he provided. It’s such a useful skill to develop especially when I have to navigate staff in college without my parents helping. Moreover, I was grateful that he likes to double-check every form I filled out to make sure there won’t be any potential problems. I realized after that it is really important to have someone proofread the documents and articles, and many non-professionals cannot do this task really well.
Overall I was glad that I had John to be my college counselor and was satisfied with the college I am in. Only because of him can I discover what I truly want and where I can enjoy my life while pursuing an academic achievement.

From China
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